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Blessings and Words of Mission


As we go from this stillness,
let us rejoin the dance of life.
There too it is the crucified and risen one
who is our partner and guide.
May his gaze keep you honest and true.
May his spirit enlighten you
that we may dance lightly
in the whirling, swirling world.

Christ with you sleeping,
Christ with you waking,
Christ with you watching,
Christ with you working,
Each day, each night;
each day, each night.

As you go,
remember that the Spirit whispers in your ear all the day long.
She whispers her message of love and liberation;
she beckons for you to follow her into paths as yet unimagined.
Go from this place as people of the Spirit,
people unafraid to dream and to vision,
to lament and to protest,
to work and to pray until the Kingdom is come.

Go in peace.
And God the Father,
God the Son,
God the Holy Spirit
fill you with a flame of love for all the world.

Go into the world as living stones.
Stones who are uniquely beautiful in all the creation.
Stones make beautiful by the harshness of the journey.
Stones which make ripples in the ponds of politics.
Stones which cause the evil ones to trip and fall.
Stones which God is using to build a temple of love for all who
long for justice.

Go into the world in hope.
Don’t give in to either despair or fanciful thinking.
Commit yourself, in tough-minded love,
To all the good that is growing in the world.
And discipline yourselves, always,
to obtain that pearl of great price which is Christ our Lord.

Go now into the new moments of this day.
Greet each new experience as sacred.
Welcome the possibility of each second, each hour,
with a deep sense of thankfulness.
And the blessing of God will surely pour down upon you,
wildly, extravagantly, generously.

God encircle us
with fire of the Spirit
God encircle us
with waters of birth
God encircle us
with saints and apostles
God encircle us
and keep us in love.

In the name of God, I bless this assembly with water.
May these droplets be holy for us
a drowning and a birthing
a flooding and a watering
a burying and a rising again.
In the name of God:
Maker, Child and Spirit Holy.

May God go before, to show us the way;
May God shine above, to lighten our world;
May God lie beneath, to bear us up;
May God go beside, to companion our journeys.

May God's peace go before you
and God's kindness behind you
and God's comfort beside you.
In the name of Christ. Amen.

May the grace of God -
Wisdom, Word and Spirit -
rest and abide within each breast this holy day.
In the name of Christ, Amen.

May you take the yoke of Christ,
fashioned by the carpenter's son for your shoulders alone.
May you wear it with pride and with commitment.
May you wear it with humility and with joy.
And may all the angels of God companion you
as together we plough the fields of Christ's harvest
in this world, and the world to come.

O God who goes before:
Give us wisdom enough to live this week
in places of communion with you.
Give us courage enough to follow you into the
difficult places we'd rather avoid.
Give us love enough to bear patiently with the hurts
and struggles of our friends.
Give us peace enough to accept and nurture our
own selves.

All you appointed to shine like stars in the universe,
why are you so afraid?
Do you fear that the darkness will engulf your little lights?
If the whole world were like the noonday sun,
then would your lights be dim!
In the darkest night of the world,
it is then that your flame is strongest:
in the chill of outer darkness you become
God's shrine of vision,
and warmth for everyone who draws near.

The peace of God be with you,
the peace of Christ be with you,
the peace of the Holy Spirit be with you
and with all you love,
for an hour, for ever, for eternity.

May the touch of the tender Father uphold you,
the soul of the sorrowing Son befriend you,
and the fire of the wandering Spirit warm you.
In the name of Christ, Amen.

These prayers are © Garry Deverell, 13 Lerina Street, Oakleigh East 3166, Australia. Please give due acknowledgment if you use them.